Health Camps

October 26, 2022


Health Camps are mobile and usually take place in different locations by qualified doctors, nurses, and paramedics and community health workers. In most cases, NGO’s, Trusts or renowned Hospitals fund these health camps. Health camps are organized to help the poor to get healthcare at no cost.

The Pamoja Health Initiative conducts health camps in various parts of Uganda especially in the remote areas and those next to national parks. The main purpose of these camps is to provide free health services to people who are underprivileged in these areas.

The guidelines for a successful health camp

When free camps are organized, a sizeable number of patients turn up because medical services are given free of cost. Later, these patients do not make it to the hospital for further checkups because they fear the costs of hospital visits. However, due to the fact that NGOs and Medical Trusts usually offer to fund further treatment for patients in the recommended health care facilities, people who attend the camps are encouraged to go for further treatment.

Before organizing the camp there are a few things that you consider. Some include:

  • the source of funds
  • time
  • the goal of the camp
  • approximate number of participants you are expecting to attend the camp
  • number of personnel you need to choose to conduct the health camp such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc.

Requirements for a successful health camp

  1. Before starting the camp, team members should undergo training and get adequate information about the basics of the camp. This may include a conference about the latest updates health problems you want to address through the camp.
  2. As preparations of the camp take place, it is also important to post information on the initiative’s official website so as to reach the target audience. Other means of sharing camp related information include; newspapers, televisions, radios, social media, loud speakers, banners and others. After posting this information, it is also important to ensure that a person on the team is available to handle inquiries from prospective participants.
  3. At a health camp, there should be health workers or volunteers to assist when it comes to handling the participants during the camp activities. They should also maintain a disciplined environment in the camp.
  4. These health workers and volunteers must be physically fit to handle the pressures of working in the camp. They should also be ready to fully attend to individuals who have different health needs and problems.
  5. The health campsite should be a comfortable place for the participants to relax. Making a survey before the camp can help to find out the diseases that are prevalent in the area of interest which will further help the organizers to decide what type of campsite to choose.
  6. In the event that the health camp aims at diagnosis of diseases, it is wise to set up the camp near a hospital or a health centre. With that, in case of an emergency, you can easily rush patients there for further treatment.
  7. If the main purpose of the health camp is to spread awareness regarding proper hygiene and cleanliness, it is advisable to have an outdoor campsite close to nature in order to have an enjoyable and refreshing experience.

The health situation in underprivileged communities

Organizing a health camp is serious work which requires sincerity. While organizing the health camp you should keep in mind that it has a noble purpose and it is solely for the purpose of serving the underprivileged people.

The healthcare condition among the poor is heartbreaking. These people have little or no access to quality healthcare due to high costs and lack of doctors and medicines in local hospitals. Healthcare camps are the only hope for the people who cannot afford to pay for the expensive treatments.

It is therefore crucial that patients receive proper care, love, and respect in the camps. There should be no discrimination at any stage of treatment.


Health care camps are the only hope for the underprivileged communities. This is because the people get a chance to have their problems heard and resolved with respect and dignity. The Pamoja Health Initiative seeks to give hope to these communities and bring hope of a brighter and fruitful future.

You can also contribute to this cause by booking a safari with Pamoja Tours and Travel. We allocate 5% of our profits to the Pamoja Health Initiative for projects such as health camps.

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